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Drama, Horror, Supernatural Thriller

Logline: A serial killer embarks on an evening of emotional chaos, hunting college victims throughout one night, only to be confronted by an ancient evil.


From The Black List: "Horror has a massive audience and this script blends realistic thriller/crime elements with the supernatural which can play to a wide audience. The low budget is smart to attract producers and financiers of all levels for the best chance at getting made. The lead role of Joe Ross is great for a star actor looking to do an edgy piece that still has broad appeal. " 




Psychological Sci-Fi Horror

Logline: After discovering the Moon has a heartbeat, a scientist begins to suspect that something sinister lurks beneath the lunar crust.


From The Black List: "The script's premise is very compelling and should make it fairly easy to pitch IT FEASTS, which may help the project get into the right hands. The script attempts to tell an emotional story centered around Chris and Jean, which may attract some established actors to the project, who could help raise IT FEASTS' visibility." 




Coming-of-Age Psychological Thriller

Logline: While spending the summer with his grandfather following an incident at school, a young man stumbles upon a mysterious video cassette that leads him to an investigation into the small town's deadly secrets.


From The Black List: "This is a well-written, genuinely creepy tale full of mystery, deceit, and misdirection. It aims to constantly entertain its audience, slowly laying out a trail of breadcrumbs that will keep the guesses coming. It blends the drama of a young boy learning to understand the world around him with the eerie, harrowing style of a found footage horror story. And it does all of this with humor, to boot.




Drama, Coming-of-Age, Horror

Logline: In 1977 Sacramento, the employees of a grocery store attempt to cope with a series of brutal murders occurring around them.


From The Black List: "The premise is unique and viable given its basis in true events. A coming of age in a community as it experiences shocking, horrific violence, has the potential to resonate with the current moment. The cast has a refreshing degree of diversity, and its racial tension and animosity between Asian Americans generate strong conflict throughout. The dialogue is solidly characterized and finely tuned to time and place. The script is cleanly structured, and has a patient pacing that builds in intensity without lagging or losing focus on character."



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